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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Personal possessions of Marie-Antoinette

It's sad to think that so little survives of Marie-Antoinette's personal possessions.
A shoe, some pearls and possibly a made-over dress.
I went searching to see what the mob missed out on. Here's a list of what I found on the web.
To see her shoe - go to
Her pearls and many pearls of information about her are at
The made-over dress is on many sites including at
A dress fragment at
Musee Carnavalet, Paris (Carnavalet Museum) has locks of her hair and that of her husband.
The 1938 movie starring Norma Shearer featured costumes which were based as closely as possible to dresses still in existence. Wikipedia mentions a dress in private hands referred to as the 'rocket dress' featuring starbursts. I'll try to find out more.
If you know of any other items I would love to hear about them.


  1. At the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History last spring I saw a pair of diamond earrings (with all the diamonds and jewels there) that it said were re-made from a pair of Marie Antoinette's... :)
    I like the 18th century too, you have great interests! <3

  2. Thanks Julia. And possibly the Hope diamond though from what I've read she may never have worn it. It was more part of the crown jewels. Those earrings are lovely.