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Monday, December 6, 2010

Hatpin making

Yes well since I declared this Christmas was to be handmade, recycled or repurposed, I figured I'd better get a wriggle on or no one would get anything.  Since my lovely friend LaLa loves hats as much as I do, I decided she needed a hat pin.  (And since she isn't into blogs she won't read this ahead of time and see what she is getting.)

So having plenty of STUFF on hand to make jewellery etc I tried out a few different combinations before coming up with this one.  I think it will go with a variety of hats  and is nice and long so it can skewer plenty of hair.

I started out using E6000 glue but it takes too long to set so I went back to Araldite which bonds anything within cooee.  Now off to check out what 18th century hatpins looked like.

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