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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fortune telling cup

Not 18th century alas but lovely nevertheless.  And it fits in with my love of all things 'Tea' and has a regency pattern!
Killing some time in a thrift shop the other day I saw this lovely little teacup.  The saucer doesn't match but that doesn't worry me. 
I don't know whether I saw the cards printed on the inside first or the regency style pattern on the outside in a lovely shade of green.  It doesn't matter because the combination was fatal.  Inside the rim is printed "The cup of knowledge".  This had to be a fortune telling cup.  No, I had never heard of them but it made sense.
When I checked out the makers details online I discovered what seemed to be a craze for this kind of teacup in the teens and 1920s with makers including Aynsley and Meakin as well as the one I have from Jackson & Gosling made in 1924.
They even came with little booklets on how to use the cup to tell a fortune. I certainly consider it good fortune in chancing upon it!


  1. I like that the saucer doesn't match!

  2. Thanks Lauren. They were selling them separately but I thought they looked nice together. I like mismatched items.

  3. Absolutely charming! I love the mismatched look, and have some of that myself. Well done, you!

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