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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well destructive as it was, North Queensland survived Yasi much better than I could have dreamt. I expected a Katrina like toll which we have been spared.  Now for more flooding and cleanup and rebuilding.  There will be pain and there are reports of two people missing and I hope to goodness they are found safe and well.  But no fatalities so far and I am thankful!
I am full of admiration for the wonderful work of our authorities, the Queensland Police, Firies, Ambos, SES, Army and so many others and the wonderful people of the far north who just got on with it and took the appropriate precautions.  You are amazing people.
We will return to 18th century blogging now.


  1. Thank goodness! I was so worried for you guys! I'm glad you came through it without too much damage.

    Can I go off on a tangent and whinge a little? I love your blog, but have a hard time reading the small font against the busy background, and I can't read posts written in the turquoise colour at all :-(

    OK, I hope that didn't come off wrong.

  2. No thankyou for telling me! I appreciate feedback!

    Mmm will go and see what I can do to remedy that. New to blogging so it's all a bit of an experiment and I know even different monitors can have a bearing. I'd hate you to miss out on my rambles! ; )

  3. We had been hearing so much about the devastating flooding as well. I am happy to hear you are safe and sound and back to 'visiting the 18thc'!

  4. Love that dress in your profile pic Mary!