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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The thoughtful dresser

While peering through the shelves at the local library for their copy of Carl Kohler's "The History of Costume", I pulled out Linda Grant's book "The Thoughtful Dresser".
I've just finished reading it and it did make me think.
It made me re-evaluate my ideas about clothes and fashion. And why we choose what we wear. And how. It made me think about the impact of fashion, of clothes, of social movements, of history and what they mean to us. 
I have been through stages in my life when I honestly didn't care what I threw on and other times when it was all about being practical but there are times and more and more recently when I've been paying a whole lot more attention to what I wear.  To what my clothes say about me. To what I want my clothes to say about me.
While it was thought provoking it was also easy to read. And it touched me. It made me laugh and cry, ultimately at the same time.
So thankyou Linda Grant. It was a fascinating read. It opened my mind, even the bits I didn't agree with!
I highly recommend it!
And Linda, I'm heading for Armani!
You can check out Linda's blog at

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