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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quasi 18th century gown - the material

Yes well, haven't done too much more but thought I would show you the material I'm using.  As mentioned previously I'm recycling some old drapes. Well it was actually one long drape that wandered up and down over one window then did a large swoop and then up and down over another window. It was actually cotton quilting material I really liked and bought on special years ago.
Being on special I went crazy and bought about ten metres.  And it's come in handy as something to practice on while getting back into sewing actual clothes as opposed to crafty things.


  1. Oh, madam! How exquisite you will look! I can picture you already, gown, wig, etc.!
    You MUST find someone to escort you to a park for perhaps an 18thc. picnic!
    Have fun creating your gown~

  2. Hello Mary, I expect I am more of an eccentric English lady with an aging Uncle who travels excessively but who enjoys the salons of Paris. I am sure I paint and write! But after all, one must dress! Who knows what fashionable frolicks may occur!

  3. Dear Dreamstress, yes the material is lovely and on my monitor at least the colours are very faithful to the material. I also bought a lot of this pattern with a pale yellow background as well which I have never used. Not sure that will suit me but who knows!