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Monday, April 4, 2011

Finds and ramblings

Yes yes, I know this isn't even remotely 18th century.  I mean it's a collapsible top hat.  But I've always been fascinated by them and there it was, at "The Way We Wear" sale, lying in wait for me.
It's actually a mite too small but I can perch it on my noggin and swagger about a bit and pretend I am off riding my lovely mare Dulcify whose alter ego is Lucifer. OK I just made up the bit about a horse but hey I'm channelling Auntie Mame!  
Getting hold of 18th century goodies is difficult and even reproductions, good ones, is a tad difficult. Especially the kinds of things I like.  
So in between I get my kicks from other periods and therefore my little dreams can get pretty anachronistic.
Therefore in this dream I have a lovely red riding habit, English of course, much like this one of Lady Worsley's.
And I will wear my very delapidated top hat with a few large fluffy ostrich feathers because I can!
Do any of you have a riding habit like this one? 
I must say it's very fetching. I particularly like the cut away in the front with the waistcoat showing.

And I love the costume Helen Mirren wore in the final scenes of the 
Madness of King George which is predominantly blue with a bit of red and white.


  1. Nicole from "Diary of a Mantua Maker" Made a dress very similar to this one. Here is the link to that post:
    I believe it's called a Turque or a Cut-away gown. I have that same picture saved on my computer too!

  2. Hi Kirsten,
    Thanks for the link. I'll be off to have a sticky at that. I've always liked the look of riding habits.