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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quasi 18th century sleeve flounces

My quasi 18th century dress is coming along. Sort of. If there is a way to do something wrong (or ack-ta-kac as my family say) I am probably going to find it. Messing about with the pattern didn't help but hells bells I am still enjoying it. 
I've hit a bit of a bump in the road with the bodice part so while I am letting solutions germinate in my little grey cells I am getting on with the sleeves and in particular the sleeve flounces.
Aside from the long seams I've been hand sewing the rest, not from any purist motives (hardly since my dress is in no way authentic to 18th century patterns) but because I quite like handsewing. I find it rather meditative.
And as to trims, well some time ago I got all dye happy and dyed some lace in different colours including one which didn't turn out the way I'd planned (big surprise there). It just didn't suit the project I was working on.
However it turns out to be PERFECT for 'Le Quasi'. The smaller trim is some recycled lace from a thrift shop. It wasn't actually cheap as that particular shop has prices more akin to standard retail but it was for a good cause and I like recycling and upcycling things.
So here is a work in progress photo of the flounces. I really like the way they are shaping up!

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