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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Walking the walk

I got the bug and decided I needed one of those tall walking sticks you see in 18th century prints. They look excessively elegant and posh so obviously I need one.
I read on someone's blog that pool cues made good walking sticks so I've been looking around for an old one to recycle but got tired of waiting and tripped off to Amart All Sports and $15 later I had my blank. 
It was painted with gloss black paint so I've stripped that off even in all the little cross hatched grooves on the grip.  What a nightmare. Thank goodness for the set of little needle files my darling Dad gave me years ago. The triangular one was  perfect for the little grooves but it took hours. Good thing I'm mad.
Since it's a blond wood I want to get some wood stain and darken it up, maybe with a golden maple colour.  But first I want to find the right sort of knob for the top.  I have some turned wooden bottle sealers so I might see if one of them works.  If not, I will just look for the right sort of door knob and stain to match.
I also have a nice piece of bamboo from one of my Dad's really old fishing rods which may get turned into another one. 
I'll post updates as it progresses and if any of you have made your own I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
    Also added your link at our group's forum in our Resources section at:

  2. Ooo thankyou, there are some lovely ones there!