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Sunday, June 12, 2011

An embarrassment of pool cues

It's amazing isn't it. About a month ago I got tired of waiting to find an old pool cue to make my 18th century walking stick and went off and bought a brand new one.  But today I went to the markets and found not one but three old cues, of various sizes and colours $12.  Well come on, I couldn't leave them there, could I?!?

I also dug out one of the lovely wooden bottle stoppers I'd bought years ago. I think it might end up on one of the cues. It has a shape that reminds me of the onion cupolas of St Basil's in Moscow. Which brings me to these delightful walking canes of Catherine the Great. You can just see the hole under the jewelled head through which a ribbon was passed. 


  1. The more walking sticks the better, I say!

  2. Haha I'm mad I suppose. Nevermind, it's a benign kind of madness and doesn't hurt anyone. Do you have one L?