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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Yes I know it's one of the seven deadlies but I do envy people who live in areas where there are lots of reenactment and living history groups. You folk in the US and UK seem to have heaps of lovely events to attend. Even the folk in Sweden seem to have lovely events in gorgeous locations.
In my part of the world (Australia) pretty much unless you are into medieval there isn't a whole lot.  Nothing against medieval but it's not me. (I liked it quite a lot when I was younger but I've matured into rococco!) 

One day I hope I find enough 18th century enthusiasts around here to have an 18th century event. Doesn't have to be large, just something to dress up for and amuse ourselves.
I guess I'd better just stop whinging and remember I live in a wonderful climate and enjoy it. Tomorrow I will be puttering around my herb garden or sewing my 'quasi' dress.


  1. You are welcome to attend our Winter Solstice Masquerade Party on the 2nd of July.
    The Winter Solstice Masquerade Party 2011 is set for the 2nd of July. RSVP as soon as possible please. This event is free as usual & is members & guests only. This event will be held in the garden of Linstock House in Wychwood Forest. BYOG if you wish & a plate if you wish, but dinner is FREE.
    Arrival time is totally up to you, any time after mid day, but nothing much will be happening before 4pm I would think. Hopefully we will have some live music this year. If you play an 18th century instrument, please feel free to play for us.
    Regards, Le Loup.

  2. Thankyou for the invitation kind sir. I can't make it but I hope the weather will be kind to you and that you all have a great time. Looking forward to photos on the blog!