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Sunday, July 3, 2011


It is supremely annoying when one knows one has ostrich feathers but one cannot find them.  This may be because one has 'stuff' all over the place and needs a much better method of organisation.
However one did retrieve a single feather from a hair ornament previously worn to a posh 'do' and then bought some more.  Yes alright I bought some more.  Because I could not wait, I was not interested in being patient and looking for the aforementioned feathers which I will of course find now that I have purchased some more.  I expect I could go on being annoyed or I could be thankful that:
a. I could afford to buy more feathers and
b. there was a shop within cooee which actually had ostrich feathers for sale. 
So yes I am thankful for those things and will now set about determining how to trim my bergère hat which may or may not feature the feathers.  But of course I will need the ostrich feathers at some point because this is the 18th century after all.  And I love hats.

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