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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Really, really, really disappointed

I missed out on this wonderful pair of silver and paste (glass) shoe buckles on eBay.  I resisted them a month or so back when they were on 'Buy It Now' and regretted it so when they were listed again I went ahead and bid.  But I got gazumped. 
These buckles reek 'rococco' to me. They made my heart melt. 
I could see myself with them on my American Duchess shoes, or if they proved too big, with one on my hat. 


  1. Bad luck. Never mind, better luck next time.

  2. Thankyou both. They did make my heart go pittypat and my pittypat go BOOOGA WOOOOOGA! I'd better go and count my blessings.

  3. That always happens to me when it comes to things I instantly adore! It is a pity.

  4. It sucks, doesn't it! Although I can't say it always happens to me. I did manage to get those lovely mother of pearl gaming counters which I adore too!

    I love having something that was around in the 1700s and that people used or handled. It makes me feel more in touch with them.