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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Yes it's that time of year again. Lord I love spring. It's actually unseasonably hot here at the moment but I'm not complaining. It's heaven.
Apologies for my lack of posts lately.  Work and health sometimes conspire to leave me little time for much else and I needed to get into spring cleaning.  I've been going through cupboards and boxes and taking loads to the thrift shop again. There is still heaps to do but it's good to see some progress.
Accordingly I haven't done anything costume related or even 18th century related which is a little dismal.
I did however get to a vintage fashion fair  and a collectors market and found not one but two 50s dresses which fitted me (AMAZING). I just need to get belts for both.  My finds included:
  • three gorgeous vintage hats in orange, pink and cream
  •  a heap of amazing 20s millinary feathers (it was hard choosing between all the gorgeous things on offer)
  • a number  of lovely damask table cloths (see how I cleverly glossed over the actual number I came home with)  and
  • some empty pocket watch cases with which I plan to do something crafty.
You may in fact be wondering if I have brought as much stuff back into the house as I took out of it but on balance the house is emptier! Yay!


  1. The hats are gorgeous! It is so hard to find vintage hats in such lovely condition as they seem to be in.

  2. They are lovely. And they were only around $25 each which is pretty good. The trader at the collector's fair had heaps. I expect she gets them from the US. She also attends the Vintage fairs here. Do you get "The Way We Wear" fairs down there?