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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pearls, Girls and well, Tiaras!

There has been precious little in the way of 18th century fun lately, but I did go to the Vintage Fashion Fair - which is full of vintage girly delights.  
In fact they even had some vintage boy stuff which was good to see. 
The stall with vintage jewellery components always claims my attention for a good hour or so, so I made a beeline for that one and stocked up on lots of bits and bobs as you can see in this photo. I loved the vintage pearls and Czech glass beads.
This time around they also had hair ornaments and tiaras.  
Ok, a tiara was not on my list but faced with a reasonably priced tiara what would you do?
So I bought one!  I think it has a bit of russian influence.  Can't think where I'll wear it but you know it's just the sort of thing you don't think you'll want and then WHAMO you get an invite that requires one. Well I hope so anyway! Of course I can always sit in the lounge wearing said tiara, watching Elizabeth simper at Ross Poldark.  
I also scored some pieces of old raffia which I thought I might fashion into fascinators, a couple of 60s era aprons for gifts and a 60s sewing pattern. 
A good evening in all.

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