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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I do enjoy a nice cup of tea, particularly from a nice china teacup. So I am indebted to the Duchess of Bedford for inventing afternoon tea, which became so popular in the 18th century that all sorts of other tea occasions were invented. 
So now we have morning tea, Devonshire tea, high tea, picnic tea and on it goes.
And so many varieties of the tea itself. 
My long time favourite is Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold, but I've also recently discovered Wedgwood English Breakfast which I really enjoy.
I gather the term 'high tea' once meant a rather more robust repast including meat dishes but over time the term has come to be associated with more elegant and dainty repasts.
I enjoy making tea, it's is a very meditative 
process. And while I have been known to have my tea with a buttered pikelet, a red velvet white chocolate pattycake or even a macaron, my favourite accompaniment will always be a freshly baked buttered scone. Another wonderful thing about tea is that there is so much paraphenalia required: china teacups, teapots, silverware and table linen, that it feeds my collecting habit.  But that's another post! 


  1. I must admit, most afternoons, when I get home from walking my dogs, I make a mini high tea :) and collecting the china and silver and bits is the best part! Have you tried the fortmason blend from fortnum and mason? It's fabulous!

  2. Thanks Caroline, I can see I'm going to have to find out how to get some to try. Yes setting the table for tea is rather lovely. What I want is a nice china cabinet but fitting it in will be difficult. Ah well if that's my only difficulty then I really am blessed!