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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baroque dance

Yes I have been flitting from topic to topic lately.  I like lots of variety and so I constantly trawl the web looking for interesting18th century and other historical information.
For some time I've been watching YouTube videos of Baroque Dance, which looks rather delightful. 
What is Baroque Dance you ask? 
Well from what I've gathered, basically it's the theatrical and social dances of the European upper classes from mid 17th century to mid 18th century.  Stylistically it's French (think Louis IVX performing his ballets etc) and the theatrical strand morphed over time into our ballet. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
Some of the performers are obviously professionals - their movements are effortless and I'd imagine like ballet it would take many years of practice - especially in those dresses.  Others are less professional and some movements are frankly amusing to my 21st century eyes. 
So if you like baroque music and feel like escaping into another world for a little while trip off to YouTube and type in 'baroque dance' to watch some of the videos. 
I also want to know where they get their shoes!

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