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Saturday, January 14, 2012

17th century heels to set me on fire!

I do seem to have the 'I wants' at the moment. This time it's 17th century court heels!  
Yes, those uber rococco brocade shoes with the flaired heels like the ones in "The History of Costume" by Carl Kohler. And in fact, here's one we prepared earlier!
I love this shoe. I lust after it. My little rococco soul weeps with desire for it.
Disgusting isn't it!
But now it seems it may be within my grasp!
Lauren at American Duchess (who never sleeps) has lovely 17th century court heels in development amongst others!
Check out the American Duchess shop for Lauren's 'in development line'!
In particular I draw your attention to the "Pompadour" Court heels which somehow or other I hadn't seen before!
These are to be made in brocade with a leather heel and lace closure. And they'll be perfect for anything roughly from the late 1600s through to 1740s. 
I love the pointy upturned toe and the voluptuous heel! 
I can't help it, they make my heart go pittypat!
But Lauren, please, please, pleeeeease can we have a little more flair on the heel like the brocade shoe above. 
That curve on the front of the heel as it turns back towards the toe creates such a beautiful line it makes me want to cry!
I have dreamt about shoes like this!  
Or goodness imagine them with (dare I say it) RED HEELS!  
I'll have to have a pair in each colour so I can dye the heels on the taupe ones red!
OMG I could even stud them with diamantes! hahahahhaha
THESE are the shoes that set me on fire!
To borrow your expression Lauren - SQUEEEEEEEE!
(Pompadour image is the property of American Duchess Co.)


  1. I am also in great anticipation for the Pompadours. Red heels are a must!

    1. There are no words for how these shoes get to me! (In spite of the fact that I found plenty to say in the post!)

  2. I never do sleep. Well, that's not true. I just don't sleep at normal times, and then I use my clone army to blog and facebook while I rest, lol.

    Pompadours - yes, the heel. Since these will use another custom heel mold, I might as well get it really curvy and stylized this time. :-)

  3. Do you loan your clone army out???

    Re the heels: Joyous hysteria reigns supreme! Oh JOY! I must get my packet of diamantes out and ready! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO Pompadour heels!!!!

  4. YES as soon as I saw these on Facebook I just about fashionably swooned with overexcitement! I hope the Pompadours are high up on Lauren's "next shoes" list...I look at my blue Georgianas and yellow Devonshires and think...MOOORE.

    1. You're a woman after my own heart Annabelle! Definitely MOOOOORE!