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Friday, January 13, 2012

Portrait of a lady in progress

Finally photos of my 18th century portrait progress. I have blogged previously about the old oval wooden frame I'd bought. It has since sustained some further damage when it fell off my work table and bounced across the floor. 
And of course, here is the canvas I cut apart to fit it into the frame since there were no commercially available ones of the appropriate size. You can see I tried to cut the canvas itself a little larger to fold around the board edges - I thought it might be a bit tidier that way although no one is going to see it under the frame.

In the process of painting Lady Sarah (the name was obviously influenced by my recent viewing of Garrow's Law) I have painted and scrubbed off a few layers, changed her eye colour and changed her hair colour, bought more paints (well they were on special) and started a second canvas because I was so frustrated with the first.
Looking back at the stages through the photos I took I wish I'd left well alone after this one. She at least is vital and looks alive to me in this first version. However it is now lost under layers and layers of paint.
What came after is quite stiff and I suppose in some ways is very typical of some old portraits by not very good artists. John Hoppner and Thomas Gainsborough have no competition in me. 
I am however still relatively pleased with what I have done to date since Lady Sarah looks like a human being. Not a live one perhaps but never mind. It has been 30 something years since I painted a portrait and there's still a long way to go.
I've left it alone for more than a week now which was a good idea. I was getting frustrated and it was showing in the painting. But I am itching to get back to it now. 
(You'll have gathered that the new camera cable arrived YAY. It didn't work BOO.  I found my old camera cable ON THE COMPUTER DESK - YAY. Any closer it would have bitten me.)

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