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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Foredom happiness

Happiness today is a Foredom drill!
Yes finally after many years of wanting, I have now obtained a Foredom hang-up flexible shaft machine. 
I have loved them since, oh, forever.
It's an older model but will do everything I can possibly think of doing so I'm doing the "happy happy joy joy" dance today!  
I did buy myself a Dremel sans the flexible shaft when I was in my 20s but it was hard to control.
I used a Foredom when I did goldsmithing years ago at classes. They are the biz!
Now I need to get a hanger to mount it on and enlarge my range of bits. I don't have the ones in the photo - but I have a range of bits I can use with it.
I plan to use it for my craft - drilling holes in things, carving things, and anything else I can think of. 
I had bought a box of micro drill bits a while back at a craft show and when I got home realised I had no way of using them since the shafts were way too small for any of my existing drills.
Foredom have a cool micro chuck that will let me use them without having to change the handpiece collet! YAYAYAYAY The world is full of possibilities!
What do you use your Foredom drill for?

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