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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Need a pattern for this outfit - any suggestions?

OK yes, I am overcome with an overwhelming desire for a pattern to make this ensemble. As I have yet to make a corset this phenomena is called having 'eyes too big for your stomach' at our place. Anyway...
So any ideas? I see VenaCava designs have an early 18th century one.
Has anyone made up the Nehelenia riding outfit pattern? 
Or perhaps this one at which seems to be different to the standard Rocking Horse Farm riding pattern. 
Of all of them this is the one I favour most at the moment as it has the variation without a collar.
Any ideas?


  1. There's one in Cut of Women's Clothes (diagram XXX) that would need some messing about with the ends of the sleeves and some lengthening of the skirts but otherwise looks exactly the same. It would also be free if you have the book or could order it through the library.

    1. Thanks Cassidy. I don't have the book but will check it out on Amazon.

  2. Oh my, that is a dress to drool over! For months, I have been researching how to make an 18th century dress. I am going to attempt to make my own design and sew the entire ensemble by hand. While I have many books on the matter, I do not have the one mentioned by Cassidy. I wish I did so that I could help you out! I followed this blogger: while she went through the experience of making her own dress. I found her posts to be informative and also amusing!

    1. Yes I was watching Fuchsias progress. I have to get the corset done first but to have the dress pattern is incentive! hahaha
      You're brave trying it by hand - don't think I have the patience for the long dress seams by hand, although I like hand sewing generally. We'll see!