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Monday, February 13, 2012

Teacups and favourite china

Yes, well, you will have gathered that I have a tendency to collect things.  And nice china is something I could get serious about but will not because I'd have to build another house to live in.
Fortunately I am very fussy about teacups and so I don't buy many.  For one thing I like the handle to be big enough that I can get my index finger through it. Tidgy little handles are a nuisance and not at all safe if one is lifting a cup full of a scalding liquid up to one's face.
 I am also fussy about the shapes of the bowl and the decoration.  So yep pretty fussy about my teacups.  Sometimes I just trawl Etsy and favourite the ones that make my heart leap.  I don't want to own them, I just appreciate the beauty.
I have a lovely set of six cups by Royal Standard, two each in white, palest pink and palest green with a little floral decoration and gilt lace.  I bought them from a little junk antique place down the road and am thankful I did. I've not seen another set I like as much.  
I found this little cream jug at a thrift shop - I liked the regency style decoration and discovered it was called "Versailles" on the bottom.
Back in the 80s I used to go to the department store sales each year and buy a teacup, saucer and plate but I prefer older styles and preloved items.  They have character, they could tell stories if only we could understand them. 
I also like old silver and odds and ends of china - cake plates, compotes, sandwich plates.  
My most challenging search has been for H K Tunstall Lavender Lady series dinner and bread and butter plates. This was the dinner service we had when I was very small and the last one was sadly broken some years ago. So I decided to go looking. The pattern was used by many china companies but I was dead set on finding exactly the same one as we'd had, where the gold lace pattern behind the main design was made up of little dots.  And patience was rewarded. I found some in the past three months so now we can, once again, eat from my favouritest plates in the world.

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