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Sunday, March 4, 2012

18th century underthings

While I ponder the corset version 2 and its challenges, I decided last night to get on with a petticoat - an under petticoat.
I wanted to use an ivory batiste - which is light but opaque because here in Queensland it's not exactly cold even in winter so by the time I have a couple of layers on I won't want them to be too heavy. 
But Sp**light didn't have any batiste - goodness I hate shopping there - it was only I wanted to get started yesterday that I gave in and went there.
I ended up with a cream voile - transparent but with all that fullness it's not a problem.  As it's three widths it's something like 130 inches round.  I have it all pleated up and a waist band pinned on ready for measuring with the corset. I'll leave it unhemmed until I work out the bum roll business.

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