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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pompadour shoe hysteria!

If you want to own a pair (or more) of these MAJORLY GORGEOUS late 17th - early 18th century shoes then mark the diary for May 14th to pre-order from American Duchess.  Yes Ladies, RUN don't walk!

Holy hell, look at that HEEL!  That gorgeously waisted french heel!!  It even looks like it kicks up at the back - woohoo.  I've died and gone to shoe heaven!   
They come in a choice of black or ivory brocade.

I think I want a pair of each because one pair - most probably the black ones, will be getting the 18th century RED HEEL treatment.     
Hell I might even stud them with diamonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe the ivory ones should get the 'diamonds on the heels of my shoes' treatment.  (Apologies to Paul Simon) 
Doing the happy dance!  The Happy Happy Joy Joy Dance!  The Snoopy Dance!  


  1. Yay! I am glad I hit the mark with the design for you -I know you were particular about having a very stylish heel :-). We spent quite awhile developing this one. It's another custom mold and you can expect to see it on some future shoes as well. :-)

  2. Oh WOW!! I just love them and that heel is to die for.❤