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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sweet treats for a Queen, Duchess, Comtesse, Grafin or YOU!

Mmm sometimes we all deserve a treat.  
One of the most impressive to look at and scrummy to eat that I have found, are these little lovelies that I buy at the Wednesday city markets.
Don't you think Marie Antoinette or Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire would have been impressed with them?  
I love the art of the confectioner.  They really are mini works of art and they taste every bit as good.
I pretty much bought one of each variety for Mum's birthday last year. (I bought two of those chocolate swirley ones to the left.)
I love the city markets. As well as fresh fruit and veggies, there is also  Monsieur Macaron, the Chocolate Fudge Lady, Dello Mano chocolates and the Patty Cake stand.
Must be time for another sugar overload. After all, Mother's Day is coming!


  1. They do all look very nice, & 300 years from now they will probably be saying "watch your waistline", but we in the 18th century of course have a different view of what a lady should look like.
    I on the other hand do have to watch my waistline!
    Regards, Keith.

    1. hahah yes I suppose so but I think the Greeks had it right. Moderation in all things. At least I try for that!