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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Black Victorian trained skirt

OK boys and girls, I need your help.  
Does anyone know of a good pattern for a Victorian style trained skirt - similar to the one pictured here?
Or alternatively where I can buy something like this?
I've seen some patterns on Etsy which look good but thought I'd pick your brains anyway!


  1. Have you tried "Truly Victorian"? I think they might have something like this.

  2. Thankyou for that! I'll go and have a look. : )

  3. Yes indeed, Truly Victorian has my vote too :-)
    The Truly Victorian Bell Skirt has the nicest train and cut in my opinion, and it doesn't need to be as full as the image shows. I've made this one in a red shot silk:

    1. Wow that did look good made up. OK I'm sold - they were one of the one I'd favourited on Etsy so I think I'll have to order it!
      Thanks for the recommendation and the link!