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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Les adieux a la reine or Farewell my Queen

Has anyone seen this movie by Benoît Jacquot or know when it will be available on DVD? Or read the book?
I'm getting desperate for an 18th century movie fix and am looking forward to this one - even if it's with subtitles. 
The storyline covers four turbulent days in 1789 during the storming of the Bastille and is told from the point of view of the Queen's lectrice - Sidonie Labord - a lady-in-waiting (played by Lea Seydoux) who reads to Marie Antoinette (played by Diane Kruger). 
I've seen the trailers and love the fact you see what some reviewers have called the 'Upstairs Downstairs' side of life at the French Court.
And I liked the fact that the courtiers and servants look like real 'un-glamourised' people - apart from the Queen and the Duchess de Polignac. It’s certainly has a different look to the sorbet coloured Sofia Coppola movie – though I loved it too!
It looks like a feast for the eyes and that juxtaposition of aristocrats and their servants fascinates me!
Oh and apparently Diane Kruger's mother and Marie Antoinette's mother share the same name: Marie Therese.

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