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Thursday, May 17, 2012

What I will do with my Pompadour shoes!

Have you ordered your Pompadour shoes yet from American Duchess?
I've ordered two pair, one black and one ivory.
I have plans for both.
At this stage I plan to paint the heels of the black shoes deep rouge red, red, red! Just like the aristocrats of old! 
And then I plan to stud the heels of the ivory pair with DIAMONDS... well diamantes anyway and perhaps not just clear ones but maybe green or red ones to imitate rubies and emeralds.  Imagine a pair dyed emerald green!
I remember in Georgette Heyer's novel "The Convenient Marriage" the heroine Horrie had bought a pair of shoes with emerald studded heels at an horrendous price! 
I too have spent horrendous amounts on shoes - when you wear orthotics you have to buy shoes that are made to fit them and to buy really NICE shoes that don't look they were made by a surgical bookmaker you invariably spend a LOT of money.
And as if being able to order Pompadour shoes weren't enough of a thrill, Lauren is running a Pompadour Giveaway at the moment so if you want to win a free pair of those gorgeous shoes you know where to head!

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