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Saturday, June 9, 2012

60s take on the 18th century

I spend a lot of time mooching about on Etsy and I recently found this dress.
It's a divine emerald green 1960s homage to those lovely dresses of the 18th century. 
I love the sweet train falling from the shoulders - so very 60s and yet so reminiscent of the Robe a la francaise.
I just wish it was my size - because then it would be MINE! Check it out all the photos on Etsy now. 
How the owner can bear to part with it I don't know. 


  1. Oh, I don't usually like the 60s, but I love that! It would even fit me, but I hardly have $300 sitting around.

    1. The 60s have grown on me over the last year or so but my heart belongs to the 18th century most of the time.