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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Remember THAT dress!?!?!

Yes the sacque I adore in Carl Kohler's book "A History of Costume".
I did a bit of searching as prompted by Lauren and found the Bayerisches National Museum of Munich and wrote to them.
And lo and behold I recieved a reply.  THE dress is indeed still in their collection.
How wonderful to know it still exists. 
They did send me a colour photo but I am unable to put it up on the blog because they have a policy about private websites and since they were so incredibly kind as to send me the photo I will abide by their wishes and not post it.
The colouring is different from what I had imagined but is still strong and lovely.  But you know, I still love that black and white photo. I suppose because I have drooled, ahem, dreamed of it for so long in black and white it will always be dear to me.

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