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Saturday, September 1, 2012

There's something about brooches

I've always liked brooches, right from when I was a little girl. 
I still have my baby brooches but the first one I remember loving dates from when I was around four or five. It was a little plastic soldier and I still have it.

Brooches seem to be back in fashion again. Sometimes a larger bold single brooch and sometimes in groups of two, three or even four.
I found this brooch dating from the late 19th century on Etsy - it had just about everything; it was a brooch, it had paste stones, it had a dangly pearl and I could afford it.  
No it isn't from the 18th century. But it is very versatile courtesy of the little hook on the back of the top which means it can be used as a pendant as well as a brooch.
The 18th century produced a variety of brooch styles. As well as the portrait and cameo brooches the 18th century also produced the girandole style brooch (and earrings) which featured three drops or 'tremblers' at the base of the brooch. (Girandole was a style of candleholder which featured pendant drops very similar to a chandelier.)
A quick search online found those pictured here - the yellow and pink ones are almost identical and must have been a very popular style from the number still in existence. The designs were copied by local gold and silversmiths. 
Some brooches were paste (glass) like the gold/yellow one from Norfolk Museum and this pinky purple one from Skinner's Auction house; others were diamond and other semi-precious stones. But all probably produced the same pleasure in their owner as my brooches give me.

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