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Saturday, October 6, 2012

A new favourite portrait - let me introduce you to Mrs Rogers

This is Mrs Daniel Denison Rogers (formerly Miss Abigail Bromfield) painted by John Singleton Copley circa 1784.  I have formally elevated this work to my list of 'fav 18th century portraits' and in fact 'favourite all time portraits'.
Never mind the rather banal clouds in the background, they merely exist to throw the spotlight quite firmly on the lady.
I like this portrait for any number of reasons, not least because the composition is quite different to most 18th century portraits. That warm sunset and the billowing garments give it more energy.  I love the artist's attention to the lady's dress - the skirt is so beautifully full and the sheen is marvellous. And I LOVE the hat - it's got soooo much going on up there!
And though windy, the lady herself seems quite serene, or should I say - 'composed' (hahaha little artistic joke there).  

Thankyou Melanie at Madame Guillotine for bringing this lovely work to my attention.


  1. That hat is fantastic! I think I need to make one!

    1. Hi Cindy, yep that hat is a ripper!
      Please send the link through when you make it! I definitely want to see it! Hats are yet another of my passions!