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Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Marie Antoinette dress fragment

I found this image of a dress fragment belonging to Marie Antoinette courtesy of Leah Marie Brown at her Titillating Tidbits of the Life and Times of Marie Antoinette blog, who found it on Gildings online auction website. 
Gildings decribed the item as:  "A mounted and framed piece of dress fabric, inscribed, 'Piece of one of Marie Antoinette's dresses bought by my grandmother when she was young from Marie Antoinette's femme de chambre, who was very old and poor and had to part from her souvenirs - Maria d'Accerdiaux', frame height 5½"."


  1. Oooo what an amazing thing to see! I love seeing things Marie Antoinette actually owned. I get a little starstruck :)

    1. Yep there's a few of us that way Caroline. So much was destroyed during the revolution, I am always excited when I come across something I've never seen before. I know there is probably as much again in private hands that we'll never see but never mind. I'd love to see those books of her dress swatches. I think I saw a single page once ages ago but no other photos.

  2. On the museum of London homepage there is a a fragment of a court gowns skirt belonging to Marie Antoinette and also at Christies you can find a fragment of an puce gown belonging to her ;)

    Also in Sweden there is a bedcover that is believed to have belonged to the queen. It was owned by Axel von Fersen and the story goes that he bought it at an auction after her death.

    You can just see the creme colored bedcover on the tentbed. (second link)

    1. Oooo lovely. More items. Thankyou so much. I had seen the puce remnant on Catherine Delors site but not the others. That piece in the Museum of London looks divinely elaborate.
      And I had an 'aw' moment at the thought of Axel Fersen buying her bedcover. Poor man.
      Must go and have a better look at that Museum photo!