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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The stays

Well I decided I needed help on the 'stays' front after the super large debacle I experienced with the commercial pattern.
So I had a custom pattern made by the lovely Alicia Schult at Littlebits Clothing Company.
So I have the pattern. I've had it for some months to be honest. Just no time and a house full of family.
I have read the book of instructions, some bits several times to get it stuck in my head.
I have also copied the pattern and cut out the pieces.
I have cut out and made up a test - whatever you call it.
I have tried to see if it fits and as best I can tell it does - my sister wasn't keen on helping me to check the fit so it's me, the mirror and a dislocated shoulder. 
So now I have no more excuses.
Excuse me but I think I'll just go and be sick now.
More as I progress.

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