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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crikey! A Liebster Award

How lovely.  The delightful Olympe Comtesse de la Tour D'Auvergne of 
Amphorae and Letters from the Enlightenment blogs
has awarded me a Liebster Blog Award (Liebster translates from German as 'favourite'). Which is pretty happy making.
So thankyou Madame Comtesse.
This is of course on top of the lovely people who follow me and whom I think of as lovely awards in themselves since each and every one of you have elected to follow me which is pretty cool. 
The Liebster recognises blogs with 200 followers or less and I now must pass it along to five other blogs to help spread the word about relatively unknown bloggers. Which is a pretty neat idea but easier said than done since there are sooooo many fabo blogs out there and not all of them have counters so it's hard to know what size following some of them have.

So here are my Liebster's in no particular order.

Lelo's blog at is a feast for the eyes.  His wild creativity and lovely shots of his home in Italy are joyous eye candy.

Loren at The Costumers Closet for inspiring me with her awesome outfits.

Anne Elizabeth and Adam at Munich Rococo for their projects, lovely adventures and pics.

Annabelle at Genteel Musings cos she wants to take her pretty shoes to bed with her just like me! 

And last but certainly not least for interesting insights - particularly the research and the 'what went wrong' bits which I really appreciate!

I'd have given Cassidy at A Most Beguiling Accomplishment one too because she is living the life I wanted to live and Sanna K at Rococo Atelier for her gorgeous creations and fabulous progress photos but both already have the award.

I love reading these blogs and many, many others. I am so glad I started blogging. It's great to be able to read what you are all doing and share information!
Happy blogging!


  1. Congratulations on recieving this award. It is always nice to get some recognition for one's efforts. Well done.
    Regards, Keith.

    1. Thanks Keith, I'm still kind of amazed that people read my blog! Hahaha

  2. Thank you so much for wanting to give me one! My life is really boring offline, you're not missing much.

    1. Hi Cassidy,
      I think most of us feel a bit that way. I spent the day cleaning up after a peeing puppy. Dog nappies is what we need. (That would be diapers in America!) : )

  3. Thank you for this award! And thank you soooo much for following me!
    I´m really happy that people like you enjoy my work - it´s awesome exchange experiences like that! :D

    1. The online community is pretty amazing isn't it! I get so much inspiration from other people on line!