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Friday, November 2, 2012

Glamourflage pinup style pampering

I love holiday resort shops and ages ago I found some lovely beauty products by Glamourflage with drop dead gorgeous vintage pinup packaging.
First I found the cute tins of lip balm and hand cream.
They were packaged in awesome little aluminium tins with gorgeous vintage vixen images on the labels. The images remind me of the Alberto Vargas pinup posters from WWII, but brighter and saucier!
The scent of the Raunchy Rosie hand cream took me straight back to my grandmother's dressing table so it came home with me. 
Glamourflage have a much larger range now and I've bought a few more items (hahaha). 
While packaging alone won't make me buy a product, it did make me pick it up and try it. Sugar Babes had some nice packaging but I didn't fall in love with their products but I love the Glamourflage hand and face cream and the freesia scented soap. I have the odd bar tucked in with my clothes so I can enjoy the scent everyday!
And that packaging in the little tins is just plain gorgeous.  I love it to bits.  Even when I've finished the creams I can use the pretty tins!  And that powder puff has gorgeous girly gold shimmer powder in it which works for me!  ; )

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