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Friday, November 2, 2012

More Marie Antoinette shoes and dress fragments

Goodness, yet more possessions of Marie Antoinette have gone to auction in the past month, this time on 17 October 2012, the day after the anniversary of her death.

Paris auction house Drouot auctioned this pair of green, pink and white striped shoes and two more dress fragments amongst other items from the french royal family.

According to the auction house the Queen gave the slippers to one of her manservants - Alexander-Bernard Ju-Des-Retz in 1775, the year after her husband became King Louis XVI.
 The shoes were passed down in Ju-Des-Retz family and ultimately fetched a whopping 50,000 euros at the auction.  
I love these because they are GREEN and I adore those bows on the front!

Also auctioned were two dress fragments. 
One is described as of jersey cotton and said to have come from the sleeve of a dress the Queen wore while imprisoned. 
(Is that the same material as jersey cotton today???)

The other looks to be of pink patterned silk. In fact it looks a lot like a silk damask but I know very little of the era's fabrics.  A Google search will deliver a number of sites with information - mostly in french which may provide further details.  If you find out any more, please share it with us!

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