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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Peony madness month

I love November. Not only because it is spring and the weather is generally lovely albeit with some savage storms, but because it is PEONY time!
Yes it's time for me to go mad with peonies!  I love all flowers but peonies are just so ... rococco!  So here is this week's peony photo!
Peonies are generally only available here for about four to six weeks each year and they started late this year.
Today I bought pink and white ones with some boronia for good measure! 
It's extravagant but I try buy some each week to make sure I get my fill!  Frankly I'd love to buy a big zinc bucketful but I've gotta pay the bills too!
And just for good measure some photos of past peony lushness! Bliss.

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