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Friday, December 7, 2012

Thrift shop silver finds

My family think I'm strange. Well fair enough, I guess I am - for any number of reasons. 
Take my predilection for silver.  Most people hate cleaning and polishing silver. I find it soothing. Although sometimes I don't polish things up because the tarnish looks so grapey and lovely.
Another reason I like silver is because it makes an occasion of any meal you trot it out for. (And it doesn't break if you drop it although it might get dented.) Silver has bling factor. It's elegant and reminds me to take my time and not to rush. 
I like high tea with proper china and silver. 
I have been slowly finding all the bits and pieces I consider necessary to a proper high tea. 
And I did very well from my latest foray to the thrift shop. 
I've been looking for silver cake plates on a pedestal and I found two matching ones. YAY!
I also found a lovely fruit basket on little feet, a gorgeous teapot (also on little feet) with bakelite handle and knob AND a thing I have no name for.

The nameless thing (at left) has lots of swirly bits and a little hook or loop at the top perhaps for a spoon or possibly tongs. 
I also suspect it originally had a crystal or glass dish of some kind, perhaps for jam, relish or sugar. 
Whatever it was, I intend to find a small crystal or glass dish and maybe use it for sugar cubes with tongs or even cream for scones!  
If you happen to know what my nameless thing is please let me know. Otherwise it will be  destined to go through time as 'the nameless thing'!
As you can see I haven't cleaned it up yet.  
In fact, I might not. I kind of like that patina of age on it. 
And isn't my teapot divine!  It polished up well and pours beautifully - nothing worse than a teapot or jug that doesn't pour well!
I do quite well finding silver items - silver plate not solid, I guess because most people don't like cleaning it.  Which is good for me!


  1. That is a fine teapot indeed. If you happen to find a decent snuffbox--it's so hard to find a decent snuffbox nowadays--please blog about it. I would be much obliged.


    1. Thankyou Mr Richardson. It has been providing me with a great deal of pleasure. In fact I was lucky enough to return to the same store and found, you would scarcely credit it... the creamer and sugar bowl which matched it! I will inevitably be posting about this stroke of good fortune in the future.
      Sadly I don't remember having been fortunate enough to see a snuff box in real life. I rather fancy them, they are as fascinating to me as patch boxes. I blame Miss Heyer and her romances which I was want to spend far too many hours reading when I was of an impressionable age. I thought I should look rather stylish taking snuff!
      I shall certainly alert the entire planet to a snuff box should I happen upon one. The mere thought makes me go all gooey!