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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yet another Marie Antoinette shoe goes to auction

Auctions over recent months seem to have flushed out yet more relics of the tragic Queen of France.
Another shoe reportedly owned by Marie Antoinette has been auctioned by Fraysse et Associes (full description in french) on 5 December this year.
The shoe was allegedly broken when the royal family was removed to the National Assembly from the Tuileries when it was besieged by the revolutionary Fédéré militias on 10 August 1792.
Marie Antoinette allegedly gave the broken shoe to Baron Emmanuel Aubier (who had escorted the royal family from the Tuileries) at his request
He also escorted the family the following day (11 August) from the Assembly to Feuillants (this is the day the shoe was given to him - the date is on the base the shoe rests on). 
Vivalereine on Tumblr points out that the shoe appears similar to another Marie Antoinette shoe which was said to have been given to a Captain Dorville by the Queen after he retrieved a pair of shoes from her chamber at the Tuileries.
Perhaps the two gifted shoes were indeed a pair. If anyone has any further information on Captain Dorville I'd love to hear from you.
Merry Christmas!

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