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Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY French wedding tiara stand

I've become sidetracked from my DIY 18th century wig stand project. But this is similar and I'm considering it a dry run for my wig stand.
This glorious old french wedding tiara covered in wax blossoms complete with streamers which belongs to a friend of mine needs to be displayed on a nice stand.
Originally it most probably resided in a Globe de Mariee or Globe de Marriage - those gorgeous displays under a glass cloche which celebrated late 19th century French marriages particularly in Provence.
It's currently residing on an ugly polystyrene head which looks like an alien and does it no justice at all.
My supplies list includes:

  • one wooden candlestick 
  • one reasonably sized styrofoam ball
  • something to connect the two (a bit of dowel)
  • some wadding in case I want to pad out the ball
  • material to cover the padding which is in fact, a doily.

The candle stick doesn't have a very wide base and since its going to hold something very precious and delicate I felt it needed a wider base.
So I bought a mug tree from the thrift shop and ripped the base off it. 
I'm hoping my friend will find a glass cloche to put it in when it's finished.
Wish me luck!


  1. That is so beautiful! I'd like to add, though, that styrofoam can off-gas and you might not want it in an enclosed space with your pretty wreath/tiara, if you do find a glass cloche.

  2. Thanks Cassidy. I was concerned about the ball so was going to cover it with two layers of material but hadn't realised it might give off gas. Ok back to cotton wadding I think! Much appreciated.