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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stay safe everyone

Sitting on my bed listening to the wind and rain grow louder outside.  Half the country has been battling bushfires, and up north it's flooding rain from ex Cyclone Oswald, along with tornados (6) in the past few hours.They've had to release water from the dams because they are at full capacity with more to come. 
All that weather is heading for us now.  
I went out and tidied up the garden so that there are less missiles to blow about and have our usual emergency packs ready just in case. I hope we never have to use them. 
Reading posts from the US and UK about the snow and cold temperatures.  I don't go well in the cold so I hope you are all rugged up.  I sometimes wear thermals here in Winter - don't think I'd survive one with snow.
So please all of you no matter where you are stay safe.


  1. I know the "climate change" topic is very controversial, but the facts are that the climate has changed, for whatever reason. I spent yesterday morning stacking, carting & splitting firewood & re-routing & widening ditches. I think that between the heat that is literally too hot for our garden, the storms we are getting, that we are due for a lot more to come. At least this rain will keep us safe from bush fires!
    Take care. Regards, Keith.

    1. Yes I'd rather deal with this than a fire. Both are destructive but fire freaks me out. We're due for a new ice age but it could be anytime in the next x thousand years. Take care.