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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hats and why I've not been posting much lately

What's not to love about hats?   
Ok some people get hung up about hat hair but I'm not one of them. I'm really a low maintenance type. Fluff it up and get on with it.
I've already posted about my first hat, the straw cloche.
Now I'm almost finished the grey felt which is very Lady Mary of Downton Abbey. 
It's taken me longer because I rewired the brim two and a half times as I wanted one side to be shallower. I had pulled the wire up too tight the first time around. I tried a quick fix but in the end had to start again.
I've now trimmed the silver grey felt with a deep charcoal grosgrain hat band and am waiting on the feathers for the pin - instead of sewing all the trimmings to the hat I plan to make a pin so the decoration can be changed at will. That's the plan anyway.  I've a feeling the thickness of the loopy grosgrain might be better off sewn on but hey I'll give it a whirl!
I'll post a photo once it's finished.
I've also been refurbishing an old off white parasisal which is just gorgeous. The weave is so fine and soft, you just don't see parasisal hats like it anymore. 

It's now an unashamedly romantic hat. As you can see it has a lovely gentle frayed brim and I've given it a pale peach hat band and a lovely peachy/pink rose.  I wanted it to be soft and very much a 'walk in spring sunshine' kind of hat.  The rose fluffed up really nicely with a touch of steam - it's like magic on old crushed fabric flowers.
So there it is. I've been busy making hats - my new passion.  I've also been spring cleaning even though it's autumn here. I need to make some space because I don't want to feature on 'Hoarders - buried alive'!


  1. I love the second hat! I've been thinking about learning to make hats. Is it difficult to get started? Expensive?

    1. Nope, if you can hand sew you can make a hat. It's like anything, you just have to learn the techniques. Not sure where you live but I did a five week course (an hour and a half lesson each week) for $250 which I thought was really good value as it included ALL the supplies. The straw hood, use of all tools, wire, grosgrain ribbon and all trimmings.
      Not sure if that's a standard situation but a bit of checking around in your local area should give you a good idea. It's the best fun I've had in years. You can do online lessons through the Hat Academy website. And there are lots of supplies available online. And I like the whole refurbishing old hats as much as I like making new ones. So much to learn!