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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Historical ways to spend money

As the owner of a whacking great Diana Spencer replica ring I'm obviously not averse to replica bling.
And recently I happened upon a site called Stage Jewellery where you can buy replica royal jewellery! You know, just in case you want a copy of a particular royal tiara or even a Romanov crown. There are some cracker necklaces and earrings as well.
My current favourites are these copies of two of the Queen's tiaras.
The Spencer Tiara is there as well and some from other royal ladies like the Queen Mum's honeycombe tiara.
Can't say I'm impressed with their brooch offerings. Obviously brooches aren't a big seller, but then they aren't as fashionable as they once were. I love brooches and my own are nicer even if I do say so myself. But their tiaras and necklaces are pretty cool if you have a spare few hundred pounds! hahaha yeah right!
Inspired Treasures is another company with royalty inspired replicas that I have yet to check out.
Replicas of a variety of accessories and even cutlery are available from the Victorian Trading Company.
And I was devastated to read today that my favourite - the Past Times shop in the UK has gone into administration and will be wound up. Devastating for the staff and no more lovely shopping for me! When the Past Times catalogue arrived from the UK this lil pig was in heaven!

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