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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A (20s cloche) hat in search of a dress

Yes I have finished refurbishing and wiring the black horsehair and lace cloche! (A photo of the finished article will follow when I've actually taken one.) And of course I now need a dress to wear it with.
And yes I could sew one but only if I only want to wear it sometime in 2015. 
I don't have a 20s or 30s style figure. I have a 50s style figure. I have an hourglass figure and I'm not in my thirties anymore so I want sleeves!
I've been searching the web and found the Nataya line of Titanic dresses.
I like this one which is black with silver embroidery and sand base (according to the description)! I have no idea whether it will be as forgiving of my shape as the website description says but I need a dress! 
I want to wear it to my friend's wedding in October so yes I have some time but hey I am impatient!  And if I leave it to the last minute it won't happen - they'll have run out or no longer be available in my size or whatever!
Of course it might be a total disaster but there's only one way to find out.  
Postage from the US to Australia is hideous but what the hell I might as well just do it!
Anyone know of any other suitable style dresses online that might suit my figure????  And in a plus size style!

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