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Monday, September 2, 2013

Making over a 60s hat into a broadbrimmed cloche part 1

Yes again.  I can't help myself.  
This time I am making over a late 60s fine straw hat into a 20s style large brimmed cloche!  After all you can never have too many cloches!
This is my first two piece hat so I am learning about attaching the brim separately.
And having forgotten to take photos before I started I have had to search for a similar style late 60s hat to show you what I started with.

It was a faded pink late 60s tall crowned hat with a large brim which is now more peach/salmon in colour, similar to these two hats in shape and style.
This late 60s tall crowned style is not one I was ever keen on.  In fact I thought they were kind of hideous even back in the 60s. The very tall straight sided crown made them rather clumsy looking as far as I was concerned.
The only people who ever carried them off reasonably well were lovely women like Mary Tyler Moore or Audrey Hepburn and they could have looked good in a hessian sack!
So I started by cutting the brim off and steaming and blocking the crown into a nice cloche shape!

 Next it was a matter of deciding what kind of brim I wanted.  
I liked this style with the wide side brim that curves gently across the front and frames the face. 
I also wanted it to have the very narrow brim at the back of the neck so that it doesn't hit the back of my neck or shoulders.  Mine's not exactly the same at this hat but very similar.
I was nervous about cutting the brim so I drew the shape and nibbled away at it and kept trying it on until I was happy with it.
I'm always terrified I'll do something unfixable!
Next step is attaching the brim but before I did that I shaped the front edge of the crown up in centre front in a gentle arc to aid with the way the brim will drape across the front.
More to come!

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