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Monday, September 30, 2013

Other obsessions - yes I've created another blog

I have another blog - called 'This creative obsession' which is what I have - a creative obsession.  I must create, I must make art, I must craft. It is an obsession. If I don't make art I get tetchy. It's a need.
The process usually starts with me becoming smitten by something like a pocket watch case or a miniature book and I become completely absorbed in it. 
Sometimes it involves deconstructing things like ballet pointe shoes, sometimes it means learning a new skill like bookbinding. I have to find out as much information on the topic as I possibly can. I just throw myself into whatever it is.
Many of these activities don't fit easily in the 18th century or even vintage genre so I created a new blog because I wanted somewhere to document things I create.
I am hoping it will also help me to complete more projects - because if I become obsessed with something new, old projects tend to be left unfinished. 
I've started off with a couple of my current obsessions. - pocket watch cases and ballet pointe shoes.
So if you feel like popping over to see what I am up to I'd be thrilled.

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