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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal wedding

I don't know about you, but I will certainly be ensconced in front of the TV for the royal wedding. I like a good royal event and hope and pray it all goes off safely.
And it's not just the wedding dress. I love seeing all the hats and outfits of the guests as well. Westminster Abbey is such an amazing church - I crawled all over it when I was there. Couldn't get enough! And I will be playing spot the famous person in the Abbey!
I don't have a favourite in terms of royal weddings but there are some I've enjoyed more than others.
I remember Princess Anne's because I loved the medieval sleeves on her gown.
Though I wasn't alive when Grace Kelly married I think her ensemble is one of the classiest and most divine I've seen.
I enjoyed Prince Andrew's wedding to Sarah Ferguson - they seemed so happy and in love and it was sad it all ended so unhappily.  I loved the train of Sarah's dress with Andrew's inital on it.
And I really enjoyed the wedding of Prince Felipe of Spain and Letizia Ortiz. I particularly loved when he gave his bride a tissue during the ceremony. The cathedral they were married in was just amazing.
So I'll be brewing up the Yorkshire Gold tea and buttering the scones and watching THE LOT!
Have a lovely time Will and Kate!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quasi 18th century sleeve flounces

My quasi 18th century dress is coming along. Sort of. If there is a way to do something wrong (or ack-ta-kac as my family say) I am probably going to find it. Messing about with the pattern didn't help but hells bells I am still enjoying it. 
I've hit a bit of a bump in the road with the bodice part so while I am letting solutions germinate in my little grey cells I am getting on with the sleeves and in particular the sleeve flounces.
Aside from the long seams I've been hand sewing the rest, not from any purist motives (hardly since my dress is in no way authentic to 18th century patterns) but because I quite like handsewing. I find it rather meditative.
And as to trims, well some time ago I got all dye happy and dyed some lace in different colours including one which didn't turn out the way I'd planned (big surprise there). It just didn't suit the project I was working on.
However it turns out to be PERFECT for 'Le Quasi'. The smaller trim is some recycled lace from a thrift shop. It wasn't actually cheap as that particular shop has prices more akin to standard retail but it was for a good cause and I like recycling and upcycling things.
So here is a work in progress photo of the flounces. I really like the way they are shaping up!

So what 18th century frocks do you have?

I'd love to know what lovely 18th century wear my readers have. 
I pore over books, blogs and websites devouring images of real and painted dresses and would love to know what you wear, or what 18th century dress you would like to own.
What comes up trumps for you?
A robe à la française with a lovely sacque back?
A robe anglaise?
A polonaise?
Come on and let us all have a wee orgy of dressiness!
And feel free to be detailed. What kind of material, colour and trim. Include links to images if you have some you are passionate about.

Tell me, tell me do!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Finds and ramblings

Yes yes, I know this isn't even remotely 18th century.  I mean it's a collapsible top hat.  But I've always been fascinated by them and there it was, at "The Way We Wear" sale, lying in wait for me.
It's actually a mite too small but I can perch it on my noggin and swagger about a bit and pretend I am off riding my lovely mare Dulcify whose alter ego is Lucifer. OK I just made up the bit about a horse but hey I'm channelling Auntie Mame!  
Getting hold of 18th century goodies is difficult and even reproductions, good ones, is a tad difficult. Especially the kinds of things I like.  
So in between I get my kicks from other periods and therefore my little dreams can get pretty anachronistic.
Therefore in this dream I have a lovely red riding habit, English of course, much like this one of Lady Worsley's.
And I will wear my very delapidated top hat with a few large fluffy ostrich feathers because I can!
Do any of you have a riding habit like this one? 
I must say it's very fetching. I particularly like the cut away in the front with the waistcoat showing.

And I love the costume Helen Mirren wore in the final scenes of the 
Madness of King George which is predominantly blue with a bit of red and white.