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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another music video with an 18th century vibe

Belinda Carlisle's La Luna video clip was always a favourite of mine. 
I loved the song and I LOVED the video clip because it was so divinely 18th century - even if they took liberties - don't they always!  
So sit back and for those of you who remember the 80s, enjoy a little step back in time! 

Check out these 18th century mules

Fuchsia has posted about some lovely 18th century mules on her website. Check them out!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tiresome things, tiaras and tea!

Meh... I have a dose of overuse in my right arm at the moment so I've had to swear off sewing, carving and too much computer use. 
It's such a bore but I don't want it getting worse or hanging around longer than I can help so I have to behave myself.

In the meantime here are some pretty pictures to have a sticky at. 
I've been meaning to post about tiaras.
At a vintage fair late last year I got carried away and bought one!  
A tiara was not on the list of things I needed but you know it's just the kind of thing you don't think you'll ever need and then something crops up and you need one and I'd be kicking myself if I hadn't bought it. (Wow I am good at justification!) I mean, it was pretty!  It looked a little russian and that seemed a good enough reason to bring it home with me.  I even bought myself a second one at the Vintage fair on the weekend - it had thistles on it and I do like a nice Scottish thistle! They are both made of brass and I like them much better than the modern blingy ones I've seen.  
The other picture is from a high tea also from late last year, with cakes from Queen of Cakes and my little Wedgwood milk jug. And as I have sworn off these kinds of goodies at the moment a photo is as good as it gets. Mmm I love caramel slice!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

18th century underthings

While I ponder the corset version 2 and its challenges, I decided last night to get on with a petticoat - an under petticoat.
I wanted to use an ivory batiste - which is light but opaque because here in Queensland it's not exactly cold even in winter so by the time I have a couple of layers on I won't want them to be too heavy. 
But Sp**light didn't have any batiste - goodness I hate shopping there - it was only I wanted to get started yesterday that I gave in and went there.
I ended up with a cream voile - transparent but with all that fullness it's not a problem.  As it's three widths it's something like 130 inches round.  I have it all pleated up and a waist band pinned on ready for measuring with the corset. I'll leave it unhemmed until I work out the bum roll business.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The other Dangerous Liaison

No I don't mean 'Valmont' or even 'Cruel Intentions' which was also based on Choderlos de Laclos's book 'Les Liaisons Dangereuses'.

I mean the divine Annie Lennox's music video for 'Walking on Broken Glass' with Hugh Lawrie and John Malkovich.  It cracks me up. 
That deep red dress certainly stood out amongst the pale dresses and ditto for the 'turkish' headdress against the wigs.
Personally I think I'd have gone for Prince George although Mr Malkovich has a certain dangerous charm! 

Frustration. Thy name is corset.

So I did the right thing and cut a smaller size this time in calico and sewed it up - in fact I am down two sizes on last time and you know, it's still hard to judge.
I've basted it together to try it on and I'm worried it's still going to be too big.  Which is a problem since I'm using the smallest size in the packet.
I also think I need to add a bit to the top to cover my bongos or there could be problems. 
Meh!  Maybe I'll go and make a petticoat instead.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Corset - the sequel

Well I'm all set to start again.  
The dressmaker's carbon paper arrived so I can easily transfer all those boning lines to the material without going nuts.
The canvas is ready and I'm trying a smaller size of the Butterick pattern.
I've even unpicked some of the first corset as I didn't have enough of the material remaining to do another one from scratch. 
It's amazing how quick it is to unpick all that work when you consider the effort it is to sew it up.
And a friend is giving me some old calico flour sacks to see if they will be suitable for the lining.