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Friday, July 27, 2012

Historical bling is a dangerous temptation

I am still in search of the perfect antique 18th century shoe buckles (especially since I missed out on those gorgeous rococco ones on eBay a while back aaarrrgh) but in the meantime I have found other things to take my fancy.
One is a dangly French silver paste brooch - which made my heart do a little dance.
It was listed as dating from the 1780s but the hallmarks are a bit hard to make out clearly. One is a diamond/lozenge and the other looks like a boar's head - and I think given that most french silver on the market is actually from after 1838 it's more likely to be from the 1800s than earlier. I need to learn more about the styles from this era.
It's missing a couple of the paste stones and the dangly bits are modern additions which I'll replace with an old pearl drop if I can find one I like.
There is evidence of two pendant rings at the top on the reverse which are no longer there so it was a versatile little item.
But none of the faults worries me particularly. It's pretty and has survived the better part of two centuries and once again I wonder who wore it and where, was it a present or did someone buy themself a treat, just as I have.


When I started this blog in November 2010 as a bit of an experiment I thought it would be amazing and somewhat incredible if anyone actually read it.  Apart from friends I mean.
And today I realised I have posted more than 100 posts and there are actually 42 people following this blog.
You come from all over the world and I really wish I could read the non-English blogs that some of you have. But I enjoy the pictures and the fact that we all seem to share an interest in the 18th century of one sort or another. Not to mention other eras and vintage items.
I've also learnt so much more from reading all your blogs and finding new sites from your links.
So thank you, all of you for taking the time to read and leave comments - I love hearing from you.
And thankyou to my friend Zanne who was kind enough to follow me when I started this blog because it meant I had someone to talk to!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This afternoon I took receipt of five of the loveliest ostrich plumes from which was pretty speedy as I only ordered them on Saturday.  I do like getting parcels in the mail. 
I ordered three white and two black just to see what they were like and oh my, I'm in love.  The three white ones look very Prince of Wales - just as you'd expect.  I'll post a better picture when I can find the camera. Normally I'd wait until I had decent photos before I posted but my life is a tad dismal at the moment and I felt like talking to you all about my latest purchase.  
They are sooo much nicer than the ones from the craft shop - aside from being HUGE - they are the movie stars of the ostrich feather family. And I got them on special.  Hurrah!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tempus fugit

Sadly I have had little time for blogging or even anything 18th century or vintage related lately. Sometimes life does indeed have other plans for us.
However I did go to the "Love Vintage Show" today at the Convention Centre.  It was a bit disappointing, VERY expensive and not as much fun as the "Way we wear" fair or the "Vintage Fashion Fair".
Yes there were lovely dresses there and one or two vendors had actually bothered to separate the larger sizes for those of us blessed.  But gosh the prices were ouchy!  But then the Convention Centre fees would be more expensive.
I did buy a new hat which I can wear every day, made in the 80s but very reminiscent of the Downton Abbey era.  
And once again the lady who has the vintage jewellery components was there and I went a little beserk...
And you'd think I'd have been able to find some ostrich feathers at a vintage fair wouldn't you! Well I did find some but no, the vendor couldn't sell them to me (they were for decor only apparently) but she could source them for me.  For goodness sake I can source them online myself. In fact, have a 20% off sale on today until tomorrow night so if you need feathers check them out.
And speaking of feathers brings me to a wonderful post on twonerdyhistorygirls blog about debutantes with a link to a great video. If you watch it you'll get the feathers connection. It contains some fascinating interviews with women who were in that last season of debs before WWII.  Well worth the time to watch!